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RORY DEVINE: "TRI (...ed) - Revisiting TRI Gallery" Opening: Saturday, April 30th, 5pm.
April 22, 2016

Kathleen Johnson & Leonardo Bravo

with poet and astrologer Stuart Krimko


TRI (...ed) - Revisiting TRI Gallery                 

Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles

April 30, 2016, 5:00 pm

For their joint contribution to TRI (...ed), Kathleen Johnson and Leonardo Bravo have asked poet and astrologer Stuart Krimko for a joint reading addressing the following core question: “Why are we still connected after 30 years.”

Underpinning the question is a genuine curiosity about why some friends, even very close friends, end up drifting apart over the years while others remain in one’s life.  Johnson and Bravo have stayed loosely connected for three decades, throughout various episodes, eras, and life events, when they could have easily and quite naturally gone their separate ways.  Is there any particular reason(s)?

If the artists were being asked to revisit TRI Gallery, i.e. to go back in time, then they wanted to go way back. They provided Krimko with their natal information, as well as a rough timeline of key events and moments in their history—from meeting at Otis in 1986 and their youthful club days, to their show at TRI Gallery in 1992, grad school at USC, and each becoming parents in 2008.  Krimko will interpret their interconnectedness from an astrological perspective, offering insights into the role of temperament, thought patterns, and planetary symbolism.