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Made in Venice Movie Opening Weekend!
Aug. 27, 2016

About Made In Venice Cast and Crew

Director – Jonathan Penson
After two decades as a photographer, and painter, Jonathan Penson was inspired to enter the world of filmmaking. Since then he has directed and produced several short documentary films. In 2011, turned his attention and camera toward the lifestyle of the skateboarders of Venice (aka Dogtown and telling their story of how the world class Venice Skatepark came into existence. His efforts, along with the contributions from the community, produced the documentary film, “MADE IN VENICE” which is now released in theaters in the US, with global release in the future.

Editor – Kenn Bartlett
A television and film editor with both scripted and reality show experience, Kenn joined the “MADE IN VENICE” team in 2012. Working directly with the Penson, he helped to add an innovative style to the documentary that emphasized the grind of the skateboards, sound effects that accompany almost every move, along with visual and music editing that recreated the tone and mood of the world of skateboarding in the film.

Writer / Co-Producer – Diane Rozas
In 2012, Diane joined the fledgling production as its writer in order to develop the extraordinary Venice skatepark story into a film script. By that time, she had become involved in various aspects of the production, continuing through post-production, marketing, and activities supporting the distribution of the film.

Executive Producer – Dianne Lerner
Considering her previous work with local and global groups in both community activism, education, and in cultural projects, the opportunity to guide the telling of the Venice Skatepark story through to a completed documentary film was a natural for the Executive Producer.  Sharing the story with skaters globally who are also working hard to get a skatepark is her goal.

Sound Editor – Darren Barnett
Darren’s vast experience covers documentaries, reality and series TV shows, and long form TV and feature film, including his recent contributions on the sound team to the 2016 Golden Globe awards, “Mozart In the Jungle.” He collaborates with independent filmmakers to help them bring their projects to life through the power of the soundtrack, including Made In Venice.

Todd Gessel -Surfer, Skateboarder, former President – VSA, and currently works as a firefighter for the Forestry Service.
Joel Klug – He started as a Reality TV Show talent, and continues to work in entertainment as an executive.
Jesse Martinez – Street Skating Pioneer, former President – VSA, 80’s pro skater, co-founder of the Venice Skatepark Foundation.
Masao Myrashiro – Skateboarder, Surfer, and is a Hair Stylist in Venice. He is also involved in videography.

Cast – In order of Appearance

Kate Sullivan – Venice Local
Jamie Quaintance – Venice Pro Skater / Fashion Model (London)
Anthony “Tonan” Ruiz – Venice Skateboarder
Bart Saric – Venice Skater / Artist / Videographer / Owner: Skater Made Skateboards
Jesse Martinez – 80s Pro Skater & Street Skate Legend
Eric “Tuma” Britton – Venice Skater / Skateboard Instructor
Cesario “Block” Montano – Photographer, Director, & Owner of Venice Originals
Tim Jackson – Venice Pro Skater
Skip Engblom – Dogtown Godfather & Owner of Santa Monica Airlines
Nathan Pratt – Original Z-Boy / Venice Business Owner
Jay Adams – Original Z-Boy, considered “The Seed” of modern skateboarding
Dave Duncan – 80s Pro Skateboarder San Diego/ ESPN Action Sports Announcer
Aaron Murray – 80s Pro Skater / Venice Local
Christian Hosoi – 80s Pro Skater & Skateboarding Legend
Dennis Ogden – Marina Del Ray Skatepark Owner & Operator
Ray Flores – Dogtown Godfather, World Champion Skateboarder, Entrepreneur
Craig Stecyk, III – Dogtown Godfather, Author of “The Dogtown Chronicles”
Pat Ngoho – 80s Venice Pro Skater
Eddie Reategui – 80s Venice Pro Skater
Scott Oster – 80s Pro Skater / Venice Business owner
Joey Tran – 80s Pro Skater / Venice Local
Heidi Lemmon – Skatepark activist / Venice Local
Wally Hollyday – Skatepark Designer & Builder
James “Jimbo” Quaintance – Venice 80s Pro Skater
Solo Scott – Venice Pro Skater / Venice Real Estate Company Owner
Lance Lemond – Local Venice Skater / VSA Volunteer
Joff Drinkwater – Venice Local Skater
Mark Billik – Action Sports Promoter – Roller Blade & BMX
Susanne “Melanie” Berry – Local Surfer / Venice Community Activist
Todd “Ger-I Lewis” Gessel – Venice Surfer & Skateboarder / Community Activist
Dan Levy – Journalist & Photographer at “Juice” Magazine, Venice
Ruth Galanter – Former LA City Councilwoman, 11th District, Venice
Mike Bonin – Current Los Angeles City Councilman, 11th District, Venice
Jeremy Shadler – Venice Local
Steve Mayorga – Venice Local Volunteer
Jim “Red Dog” Muir – Original Z-Boy & Owner Dogtown Skateboards
Mike Sherrod – RRM Group, Venice Oceanfront Re-Design
Bill Rosendahl – Former L.A. City Councilman – 11th District, Venice
Adam Hamilton – Local Venice Skater
John Thomas – Los Angeles Dept. of Parks and Recreation
Zac Wormhoudt – Owner: California Skateparks
Bennett Harada – Local Venice Pro Skateboarder / Skate Instructor
Julian Martinez – Local Venice Skater
Joe Connolly – Owner: The Graffiti Guerrilla
Lauren Seagrave – Venice Local / VSA Volunteer
Victor Blue – Local Skater / Volunteer
Steve “Primo” Primeau – Local Surfer / Skater / Volunteer
Joe “Shmoe” Ayala – Local Venice Skater
Sergeant Marc Reina – L.A.P.D.
Kiko Francisco – Local Pro Skater
Asher Bradshaw – Local Pro Skater
Pauline Bronon – Local Venice Skater
Mario Narango – Local Venice Skateboarder
Mary Prideaux – Local Venice Skateboarder
Karrington Smith – Local Venice Skateboarder
Dave Hackett – World Champion Skateboarder
Jeff Ho – Venice Godfather, Surfboard Designer

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