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Flora Wiegmann's Halo of Consciousness at Seatle Art Fair
July 30, 2016


Halo of Consciousness, a new work by the LA-based choreographer Flora Wiegmann, and performed by Wiegmann and dancer Rebecca Bruno, investigates imagined actions that may be unique to Antoinism; historical movement and ailments stored in the dancer’s bodies; and the possibility to activate consciousness through a series of meditative events. The work was initially conceived out of research on Culte Antoiniste, a European religion founded in 1910 that combines elements of Catholicism, Reincarnation, the tolerance of other faiths, healing through simple rites and rituals, and the transcendence of intelligence towards consciousness.

Performances will be:
Friday, August 5 | 1:00pm  
Sunday, August 7 | 1:00pm  
Sunday, August 7 | 3:00pm  

Location: Union Station (401 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104)

For more information visit www.seattleartfair.com