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For Immediate Release
Jeff Ho: The Board  November 29 - December 23, 2014

We at c.nichols project are honored to present “The Board” by legendary surfboard shaper Jeff Ho for our annual holiday surf show.  For this very special show, c. nichols projects will be open Monday-Saturday from noon to 6pm with a schedule of events forthcoming.
In his own words to Glen E. Friedman for his book “My Rules,” published in 2014, Ho writes, “ The search for that adrenaline rush, whether it is going down a hill or riding a wave, keeps me going. It’s also about the search for the magic board, one that becomes an extension of your body. When you ride it, you can do no wrong.”  
It seems that everyone who surfs has a board that they consider “magical.” You always have a great time surfing it, and cannot imagine your quiver without it. Ho shaped that board for himself in 1999 while living on Hawaii’s North Shore.  Most recently, Ho surfed that same board at Malibu during the swells generated by Hurricane Marie, a.k.a “Big Wednesday 2014.”
Jeff Ho owns a longstanding place at the very center of surf and skate culture since the late 1960’s. His pioneering Zephyr Productions served as the center of a cultural revolution called Dogtown and Z-Boys that continues to inform contemporary surf and skate style today.  Jeff Ho has shaped, for years, the boards for such notable surfers as Allen Sarlo, Michael "Bagder" Meier, Johnny "Fish" Spicher, Gary Gonzalez, Usen Gusman, Craig Freebarin and Kyle Flemster amongst others.
With infinite patience and intense concentration, Jeff Ho has shaped six single-fin longboards from the template of The Board. These new boards range in size from 9’1” to 10’2”. Airbrushed in Jeff Ho’s signature style, these are hand-shaped longboards, each one unique from the hands of a master-shaper. Chances are good that a few shortboards will show up for sale as well during the course of the show. 

For additional information and press inquiries on “The Board” by Jeff Ho please contact Christine Nichols or Justin Cavin at the gallery at info@cnicholsproject.com.

c.nichols project will be open Monday through Saturday from noon-6pm. Please check the gallery website for details and additional programming or call 310-915-1930 during gallery hour