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For Immediate Release
Flora Wiegmann: Dyslexicon  Dancers will be working during gallery hours from April 2nd - April 30th.

Dancers: Maggie Elliot and Flora Wiegmann.
Material generated during "Dyslexicon," Wiegmann's first solo show at c.nichols project

Flora Wiegmann
April 2nd – April 30th, 2014
Closing performance: Wednesday, April 30th, 7pm
c. nichols project is very pleased to announce a performance-based exhibition by dancer Flora Wiegmann, whose work focuses on the intersection of historical and contemporary positions of dance and art. Wiegmann questions the limitations inherent in time-based work in order to find new forms through which dance might transcend the ephemeral. Beginning on April 2nd, and culminating in a final performance on April 30th, Dyslexicon marks the artists first solo exhibition at c.nichols project. The gallery will remain open during regular gallery hours with a closing reception on Wednesday, April 30th from 7-9pm.

Numerous systems for notating dance have been developed for the purpose of describing, documenting and preserving movement. These complex systems transcribe choreographic work into written record that, in theory, allows any dancer to learn the work without being influenced by outside artistic interpretation. Inverting this process may encourage just the opposite.

Using a system that counter-intuitively places notation before movement, Wiegmann’s Dyslexicon will explore the interpretive gaps that emerge when text is translated as dance and thought becomes action. Over the course of the month of Apri, nine dancers (including Wiegmann), will interpret a set of instructions displayed as text pieces on the gallery walls - during regular gallery hours. A video library of the dancers' movement will accumulate over the course of the exhibition.

Wiegmann’s month-long process will culminate with a closing reception on Wednesday, April 30th from 7-9pm. At this time the dancers will perform the multiple versions of the dance together for the first and only time. Additional participating choreographers include: Rebecca Bruno, Margherita Elliot, Busy Gangnes, Jil Stein, Christine Suarez, Alexa Weir, Lisa Wahlander, and Allison Wyper.

Flora Wiegmann is a Los Angeles based dancer/choreographer who works in both live performance and film. She received her MFA from UCLA and studied for a year at the Laban Centre in London. She has exhibited extensively in the US and internationally in places such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Kitchen, and as part of Performa in New York, the Philadelphia ICA, the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston, the David Roberts Art Foundation, Camden Arts Centre in London, and the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff, Canada.  She has had the pleasure of collaborating with artists such as Amy Granat, Fritz Haeg, Drew Heitzler, Silke Otto-Knapp, Miljohn Ruperto and Nina Waisman.
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