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Jeff Ho

Jeff Ho is known for his distinctive designs and innovative style. He has been a seminal force in the surf and skateboarding worlds for more than three decades. He created the original Zephyr skateboard, which would become a standard in the skateboarding world and would be imitated time and again.

Today, Jeff Ho's legacy lives on; although the original Zephyr team members may have scattered, the team continues to grow. Jeff continues to surf, design and build surfboards and skateboards. Jeff's unique designs are known around the world and his boards are considered collector's items.

Jeff Ho has continued to surf, shape and build boards throughout his life, making the Zephyr brand one of the most legendary names in skateboarding and surfing.

Selected Exhibitions

2002 Surf Culture: The Art History of Surfing, Laguna Art Museum, Long Beach, CA

2003 Jeff Ho: New and Vintage Brands, DCA Fine Art, Venice, CA

2004 Surfing Art Experience, D.E.B., Beverly Hills, CA

2010 Tim Kerr, Dan Levy, and Jeff Ho, Ranch and Roll, LA, CA

2011 Art for Clare, Santa Monica, CA

2011 Art in the Streets, MOCA, LA, CA
            (Laguna Art Museum, Long Beach, CA. the Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, HI. Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, Virginia Beach, VA)

2012 Shortboard Revolution: Surfboard Design 1967 – 1984, California Heritage Museum, Santa Monica, CA

2013 Venice Surf and Skate Auction, Venice, CA

2013 Dark Beach, New Image Art, LA

2014 Jeff Ho, Shane Mooney, Chris Charney, Ventura, CA

2014 The Board, c.nichols project, Los Angeles, CA