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Flora Wiegmann decodes Mathew Ritchie's NOEMA through dance at El Segundo Museum of Art
Aug. 16, 2017


Sunday August 20, 2017  3:00 pm

Between June 24th and August 20th, Flora Wiegmann will be decoding the thought-objects of Matthew Ritchie’s NOEMA into dance. By utilizing them as scores, the dancer will translate the diagrams into the language of movement, and will record these readings as they activate the space.

Later, she will provide visitors/artlab-goers with versions of her scores to try on themselves. This process can be glimpsed at unspecified times during regular Open Hours and on the evening of July 20th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

On August 20th, Wiegmann will be joined by additional dancers to present the collection of choreographies and scores in a formal performance.

More details to follow. 
Admission: FREE


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