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CODE ORANGE curated by Laura London
Jan. 23, 2018




Laura London, Bathroom Graffiti, X Show, The Roxy, Los Angeles, December 29, 2016

CODE ORANGE is a new Artillery feature, a web-based, issue-oriented photography contest curated by LA artist and photographer Laura London. Winning entries will be published in upcoming issues of the magazine, and finalists will appear online.

CODE ORANGE is a documentary project which aims to encourage uncensored expression in affiliation with Artillery. We see this as a venue for artists to express how they feel about the current state of the world. Tumultuous times like ours have historically produced some of the most interesting, captivating and timeless art; we hope to find and share similar works today.

The format for the contest is photography only. These images should be documentation of how our country is affected by political and environmental change. Subjects could be pollution, gentrification, enraged graffiti, gender issues, or whatever else moves you to act.

To participate, submit a photograph you think might fit our CODE ORANGE platform to Laura London. She will select 12 finalists that will appear on our website, and a winner’s photo to be published in our bi-monthly print edition of Artillery.

Laura London, Environmental Fires Sunset, Downtown Los Angeles, June 4, 2016


Please email your photograph entry to lauralondon@artillerymag.com

Specifications for photo submissions (only one per person):
FOR WEB: 72 DPI, max 5MB.
Please include: Artist Name, Title, Date, Medium (film or digital, black and white, or color) and Place.
In the case that your photo may be selected as the winner, you must be able to provide a full resolution image for print: 300 DPI.